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How do I fill out a 1099 form that meets IRS requirements?

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Our W2 1099 software gives users all the tools they need to fill out 1099 forms that meet IRS requirements. 
Summary of steps:
  1. Collect all required information such as recipients (contractors) names, address and tax IDs (social security numbers or employer identification numbers).
  2. Compile 1099 totals for all your recipients and which box each 1099 amount goes to. The most common 1099-MISC box is Box 7 (none-employee compensation).
  3. If you have many recipients and you plan to import data rather than typing, you need to have your data ready in a spreadsheet (preferable CSV format).
  4. Open W2 Mate software. If you do not already have the software, you can download a demo from the 1099 software page.
  5. Fill out 1099 contractor information, by going to the 1099& 1098 Recipients screen.
  6. Fill out 1099 form information, by going to the 1099& 1098 Forms screen.
  7. Make sure to hit Save after entering each form.
  8. Print recipient copies on blank paper.
  9. Print 1099 Copy-A on pre-printed forms.

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