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How do I enter NJ Unemployment and Disability Ins for 2013 inside Payroll Mate?

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I'm trying to enter tax info for newly purchased Payroll Mate payroll system, specifically, the NJ Unemployment and Disability Ins for 2013 according to quarters.  The available entry boxes don't allow room for total percentage values. Can you suggest a way to enter them completely?

asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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You should be able to enter the state of New Jersey unemployment and disability rates just fine.

Please navigate to the “State Tax Information” tab under the Company Setup Screen.

You enter the SUI rate under “State Unemployment Tax Rate” box.

You enter the SDI rate under “State Disability Insurance Rate” box.

Please remember if the tax rate is .5% you enter .5 and NOT 0.005


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answered by RealBusiness