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Can I download time from a timetrax time machine into the software?

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I use a timetrax time machine that allows me to download into qucibooks in there fromat,i dont see any place to imopt time into your software ..Is there?
asked in Payroll Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you for evaluating Payroll Mate.
You can use the “Import Time Sheet Data” feature inside the software to import data from a spreadsheet. Prepare a CSV file to include the following data: Social Security Number, First Name, Last Name and Per Hour Income Categories. If you have custom income categories, you will create a column for each income category used for payroll processing. Any employee imported from the CSV file will be included in the paycheck processing (including non-hourly).
Once you have the spreadsheet, click “Tools > Import Timesheet Data” from the top menu inside the software and follow the instructions. 

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