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How do I obtain a TCC code for 1099 Electronic Filing?

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When I e-file 1099s (MISC, INT, DIV..) using the IRS FIRE System, how do I obtain a TCC code to generate the electronic submission file?


asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Import Note: The IRS changed their requirements in 2023, please refer to our latest tutorial on how to obtain a FIRE TCC at the link below:


Old steps: 
(1) Download form 4419 from this link http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/f4419.pdf
(2) This is a fill-in form so you can fill it out using Adobe Reader. 
(3) Print the form and then fax it to: 877-477-0572 (toll-free) or 304-264-5602 (not toll-free). 
(4) Upon approval, a five-character alpha/numeric Transmitter Control Code (TCC) will be assigned and mailed to you. Call the IRS at 866-455-7438 extension 4 to get your TCC in 3 to 4 days, or just wait and receive it in the mail. 
(5) Keep form 4419 with your records. 
You can use our 1099 electronic filing software to generate 1099 E-File submissions for the IRS.
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