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How can I setup multi-state W2s and 1099s using W2 Mate?

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Just purchased W2 Mate and setting up company clients. How do I set up companies with multiple state w-2's; 1099's etc?

asked in W2 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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W2 Mate includes comprehensive support for multi-state reporting.

There is nothing that gets setup at the company level for multi-state companies. W2 Mate relies on the state-related boxes on the W2 / 1099 forms.

For example for W2 Forms, W2 Mate relies on Box 15, for 1099-MISC the software uses Box 17 and so on.

You can populate state-related boxes in multiples ways:

1.       When you import data, W2 Mate allows you to specify values for these boxes.

2.       You can enter manually on the form entry screen.

3.       You can use the Batch update tool. For example to update box 15 for multiple W2s you can use "Tools > Update Box 15 for Multiple Employees" from the top menu inside W2 Mate.


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