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Does your payroll software prepare form 941 schedule B?

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I have a few questions about your payroll product:

Does it prepare Schedule B for form 941 (Semiweekly Schedule Depositors)?

What type or brand of blank checks work with your software?  For example, will it work with checks that are compatible with Inuit QuickBooks accounting?

For W2s and 1099s, do I need pre-printed forms or can I use blank form-sized paper and your software will print the lines as well as the info?
asked in Payroll Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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We appreciate your interest in Payroll Mate software. 

Payroll Mate prepares and prints form 941 and Schedule B (Report of Tax Liability for Semiweekly Schedule Depositors). 

Payroll Mate prints W2 copies B, C, D, State 1 and 2 on blank paper. Payroll Mate with Option #6 Vendor Center will print 1099 MISC copies B, C, State 1 and 2 on blank paper as well as.

Payroll Mate prints W2 Copy A, W3, 1099 MISC Copy A and 1096 data ON preprinted scannable red ink laser forms. We offer an option to print W2 A and W3 forms on blank paper. Payroll Mate Option #1 will print SSA approved W2 A and W3 forms on blank paper.

Payroll Mate prints on a TOP check format. We guarantee our blank check stock to be compatible, we cannot guarantee other vendor's checks. I suggest printing a check on blank paper and comparing it to your current check stock if applicable. 

You can print a sample check by downloading a free demo version of the software from the link below:


answered by RealBusiness