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Can we import 1099 data from Adams Tax Forms helper?

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I have been using Adams Tax Forms Helper since 2010 and have all my clients and 1099 forms data in their software.  If I order W2 Mate, will I be able to transfer my data into your program?  Adams has decided to use only an online version and I don't trust uploading sensitive data to the cloud.
asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you for your interest in our W2 Mate W2 / 1099 Software.

Yes, you can export your data from Adams Tax Forms Helper to CSV (Comma Separated Value) spreadsheet file and then import inside W2 Mate.

To export your data from Tax Forms Helper:

1.       Click on “File” from the top menu.

2.       Click Export and then Comma Separated Values Export Utility.

3.       In the window that comes up select “1099-MISC”.

4.       Now click the “Export” button.

5.       Save the resulting file to the desktop for example.

6.       Open the resulting file inside Excel and delete all the columns that start with “Employer.”, such as “Employer.FIN”, “Employer.Routing and Transit Number” and so on.

7.       Tax Forms Helper breaks the recipient name to first and last name. W2 Mate expects the name to be one combined line (First Last). You can google “combine two columns in excel” and you will get a number of great results on how to do that.

8.       Save the file.

Now you need to import this data into W2 Mate by selecting “Import Data > 1099-MISC Forms (CSV -Excel)” and follow the instructions.


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