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Is your 1099 software sold at Office Depot stores?

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Is your 1099 software sold at Office Depot or OfficeMax?

We have around 27 contractors and we would like to print 1099 forms for them and file with the IRS.
asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Our 1099 software can only be ordered directly from our website where you can order the software and receive by email right away. You can also order one of our kits that have the red forms and the software. Please remember that with our product you print the copies that go to the recipient / employee on regular paper. If you already have the red-ink forms you can download a demo of our software to make sure the data can align on them.

You can get the demo from the link below:


and read more about the software from the link below:


The 1099 kit has 30 Copy-A Laser 1099 Misc forms + 5 Laser 1096 summary forms + W2 Mate Software.

W2 and 1099 Kit has 30 Copy-A Laser W-2 Forms + 5 W3 Forms + 30 Copy-A Laser 1099 MISC Forms + 5 Laser 1096 Forms + W2 Mate Software).

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