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Can I use Payroll Mate for household employees and use different pay types?

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I do several payrolls, one is household employees.  Does Payroll Mate software support household payroll for W2 and W3, that is, can I check the HH payroll box?  Federal report is on the client’s Schedule H, but I still do quarterly state withholding and unemployment returns but these are filed the same as 941 payroll. Other Payroll is building trades, employer has to log plumbing hours for journeyman plumber so that plumbing hours can be verified when advancing to master plumber status.  One employee will need several types of payroll in a pay period – plumbing, “shop” activities, etc.  Can I set different pay types for this employee?
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1 Answer

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Payroll Mate can be used by all types of employers. You are able to generate household employee payroll and complete W2 and W3 forms. Multiple types of income can be applied to an individual employee. Payroll Mate supports customizable income categories as well as offers a number of built in income categories.


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