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Does Payroll Mate support Oregon pay stub requirements?

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Oregon Senate Bill 1587 requires employers to include their state business identification number on an employee’s check stub. Where in the setup to I turn this feature on so the BIN appears on the paystub? It also requires clear indication of how an employee is paid (hourly, salary, etc). In order to comply with this requirement I need to change the current check stub presentation of hourly rate which reads "Regular" to read "Hourly" or some verbiage that clearly states it's hourly. How do I get Payroll Mate to make these necessary updates?
asked in Payroll Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Payroll Mate supports Oregon pay stub requirements. Under state tax information you can check a box to print company ID on paystubs. Go to Company in the bottom left, select state tax information and check the box to print ID on pay stub.

To comply with OR income type pay stub requirements you can custom add an income category. Customizing an income category allows you to apply a label to the income that is printed on the pay stub. You can make the abbreviation printed on the pay stub hourly.

Click on the link below for assistance adding a custom income category:




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