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Does Payroll Mate software support Washington sick leave accrual?

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I live in WASHINGTON State.  We have a new law stating that we must pay 1 hour of sick leave for every 40 hrs worked. This sick leave will accrue and carry over up to 40 hrs for the next year. Is there a way to keep track of the hours in Payroll Mate?
asked in Payroll Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you for contacting us. We have had many questions regarding WA sick leave pay.  Payroll Mate will accrue sick leave based on hours worked. Please contact our support team and we can send you a tutorial on how to setup sick leave accrual inside Payroll Mate.

Washington sick hours can be carried over to the next year as well. The carry over hours would manually be added to the sick hours earned field on the employee's first check of the year. 

Please download a free demo of the software by going to the link below:



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