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How do I report a city tax on the W-2 Form? Can taxes be listed separately on the payroll tax report?

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I am an accountant with over 30 years in income tax and payroll preparation. I have used several payroll company's software over the years including one for over 20 years. I have been looking foranother provider for a long time and tried your software and I amimpressed at the functionality. However I have 2 questions.

1. City tax in your tax categories should be an editable item.This way the city withholding would not have to be entered manuallyon the payroll entry screen. The city or city code could be enteredalong with the city tax rate on the edit screen and tax calculated automatically. Now I use the other taxes item which works, but when I have to do w-2's this information will have to be entered manually.

2. On your reports menu it would be nice if all the taxes withheld could be listed separately. This would be a big help in preparing quarterly tax reports. Now taxes withheld other federal and state items are listed under other taxes withheld and I have to print individual tax reports to gather this information.
asked in Payroll Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Payroll Mate supports user defined tax categories. In a few simple steps you can custom add local tax categories to accommodate a city tax. Local tax categories can be directed to the W-2 form when the tax is created.

For further assistance click the link below:


Payroll Mate generates many different types of payroll tax reports. I suggest becoming familiar with them to determine which report best fits your needs. A comprehensive report that breaks each tax down into separate fields is the taxes and deductions report as well as the employee earnings total report.

answered by anonymous