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W2 Mate questions? Import email addresses, multiple companies print W-2 Forms?

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We are interested in your product to print/email W2 and 1099 forms.

We have multiple companies with different Federal ID numbers.  Does the software support multiple companies?

If the W2’s are printed on plain paper, does the Social Security Administration accept these forms or do you still have to print the SSA copies on the pre-printed forms?

Are the W2 forms editable once the information is imported into the software?  Example:  if adjustments need to be made to the health insurance or other amounts, can this be done after the import is done and before the forms are printed?

We would like to email W2’s and 1099’s.  Are the email addresses stored in the software?

If we import the totals from the EFW2 format, and since this file does not include the email address, can the email addresses be imported separately?  If so, what format is required for the email file?  How would the employees be identified to update the email addresses?  Is it by social security number?
asked in W2 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you for contacting us. W2 Mate does not impose limits on the number of companies, employees, recipients or forms.

We offer a feature that prints SSA approved substitute W2 A and W3 forms on blank paper using blank ink. This eliminates the need for pre-printed W-2 Forms.

Data inside W2 Mate can be editted. Adjustments to any field on the W-2 form can be made after the data has been imported.

We offer a feature to email W2 and 1099 forms to employee and recipients. W2 Mate wil lgenerate a password protected PDF file for emailing. Email addresses can be imported and stored in side W2 Mate. You can import email addresses separately from a CSV file. The CSV file must include the employees' social security number.
answered by anonymous