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Is your 1099 software suitable for accountants?

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Hi there,

Is this 1099 Software for Accountants? We are an accounting firm serving clients in Northern California and Southern Oregon.  We switched accounting software this year and the new system does not have 1099 processing capabilities that match our requirements. So, our question is: does your 1099 software work for our accounting firm? This is what we are looking for:

1. The system needs to be used by 4 staff members.

2. Import data from QuickBooks desktop, QuickBooks online and Sage 50.

3. Import from Excel.

4. Generate Pro Forma reports we can send to our clients.

5. E-File with the IRS, Oregon and California. We want to create the submissions and upload ourselves, we do not want the data to go through your servers.

6. We process around 3,000 returns including MISC, INT and DIV.

7. Stable and easy to use.

Please advise.
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1 Answer

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Thank you for your interest in our W2 Mate W2 / 1099 Software.

Our system is used by thousands of customers nationwide including accounting firms and tax professionals.

To answer the points in your questions:

1. W2 Mate has the ability to run over a network. You will be able to run our software on multiple computers with your staff sharing the data. We also have some customers who run our software on private cloud and in Citrix environments.

2. Our software has a dedicated wizard for importing data from QuickBooks desktop and from Sage 50. For QuickBooks online, we can send you step by step instructions on how to export 1099 data and then import inside W2 Mate.

3. Yes, you can import from Excel. Please refer to the link below for 1099 MISC Excel template and possible fields.

4. Yes Pro forma reports are supported.

5. You can e-File with the IRS and state website. Please refer to the 1099 e-File section of our website to learn more.

You upload the 1099 submission(s) directly to the IRS and state agencies. We do not have access to your data and it does not go through our servers.

6. Many of our customers process thousands of returns. You should be able to print / e-File 3,000 forms without issues. 1099 miscellaneous income, interest and dividends are all supported by W2 Mate.

7. Please download a free demo of our software and test drive for yourself:



Real Business Solutions Support Team, Makers of W2 Mate, 1095 Mate and Payroll Mate



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