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Can I obtain W2 Mate software online and download to my computer?

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Typically, over many years I have used Tax forms Helper software on my computer in which I can enter the tax forms for four different companies.  Each company has less than 10 employees.

Here are my questions;

Can I obtain W2 Mate software online and download to my own computer?

I do not want to print on white paper, I want to use W2 forms I have already purchased at staples. Please confirm YES or NO?

If YES, am I able to adjust the printing area slightly to ensure positioning of W2 data is correct?

Finally, I assume I can use the stand-alone application for four separate companies?
asked in W2 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you for your questions.

Yes, once you buy our W2 Mate software online you can download and install locally on your computer. All data gets saved to your machine and not in the cloud.

Yes, you can print the W2 data on the pre-printed forms you buy from Staples, Office Depot of other office supply stores. If you do not have enough forms then you can print on regular white paper.

The software allows you to move the W2 data up / down, left / right until you get it aligned in the boxes.

You can use the software for as many companies / w2s you want.

We recommend that you download a free demo of W2 Mate from the link below to get familiar with the product and test with your own forms.


answered by anonymous