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Does your 1099 software work with Sage X3 and E-File to IRS FIRE?

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I have Sage X3 V11. Can you take the 1099 output from that version and put it into the IRS accepted FIRE version? What do I need to purchase and what is the turnaround time?

We also have a sister company that uses Sage X3 version V9. We need to know if solution will work for them too.
asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you for your question.

Yes, you should be able to utilize our W2 Mate software to import 1099 data from Sage X3 (regardless of the version number) and create 1099 submission for upload to the IRS FIRE System. We also have Sage X3 customers who e-File with states that require direct 1099 upload such as North Carolina, Iowa, Wisconsin, Oregon and Oklahoma.

You will need to export your data into a spreadsheet and then import inside W2 Mate. Under the 1099 generation menu (Declarations > Fee declaration > United States > Processings > 1099 Generation) there is a button called “View” which can be used to export your 1099 data. You might need to do some modifications before you can import your data. Another way to export your data (if you have IT staff) is to review the following tables inside X3: BOX1099, BP1099BEGBAL, BP1099PRN, BPS1099GEN, BPS1099MNT and BPS1099PAY.

You will need to order W2 Mate plus options 3 (Import) and 4 (E-File).

If you want to test the import process before you buy the product you can download a free demo from:


Please email us if you want to e-File with the state and we will send you step by step instructions.

Real Business Solutions Support Team, Makers of W2 Mate, 1095 Mate and Payroll Mate



answered by anonymous