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Can your payroll software work hand in hand with QuickBooks?

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I currently use quick books for my accounting. We only have 1 employee, my wife and I. We feel that quick books is overcharging for the payroll software. Can your software work hand in hand with quick books? I don't want to have to double enter all of the information. Please advise.
asked in Payroll Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Yes you can use our payroll software to process payroll for your employee, your wife and yourself. And yes you can use Payroll Mate hand in hand with QuickBooks. Please remember that Payroll Mate is not an add-on to QuickBooks. Payroll Mate is complete stand-alone payroll software that offers the ability to export payroll checks to QuickBooks as journal entries for accounting purposes. Anything related to processing payroll such as printing checks, generating payroll reports, printing tax forms has to be done from inside Payroll Mate.
The very first time you do the export from Payroll Mate to QuickBooks you will need to map the payroll items inside Payroll Mate into QuickBooks accounts. You can set this up on your own or with the help of your accountant depending on the amount of details you want. Once this is done, each payroll all you need to do is export a report from inside Payroll Mate and import into QuickBooks (this should not take more than 5 minutes).
We suggest you download free trial from the link below and test the software yourself:


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