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Does Payroll Mate Support New York Family Leave Deduction?

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We are starting a new payroll tax service in our community. We looked at a number of payroll systems, but none of them support the new NYS FLI payroll deduction. So our question is: does your Payroll Mate software calculate New York’s Paid Family Leave tax?

Please note that as of 2018 NYS FLI is calculated at a rate of 0.126 percent of the employee’s weekly wages (up to annualized NY State Average Weekly Wage).
asked in Payroll Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Yes, you can easily setup NY family leave payroll tax deduction inside Payroll Mate.

Please refer to the link below on how to setup this tax:


And here’s a summary of the steps:

1-Click on Company in the bottom left corner of your Payroll Mate software.

2-From the six tabs that appear on the screen, choose Tax Categories.

3-Click the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen.

4-Fill in the applicable fields in the tax details screen:

a. Title the tax. Example: NY Paid Family Leave.

b. The abbreviation will automatically be filled in. You can make adjustments if you prefer.

c. Choose Percentage from the drop down menu. Fill in quarterly rates. The percentage rate for PFL (Paid Family Leave) may vary. The Department of Financial Services has set the rate for PFL at 0.126% of the employee’s weekly wage, not to exceed 0.126% of the current New York State average weekly wage (AWW) of $1,305.92. Employers should periodically check with the Department of Financial Services to confirm the PFL rate. So if the rate is 0.126% then you enter 0.126 under the “Quarterly Rates” fields for all quarters.

d. Populate the "Max Amount per Check" field. As of this writing, the maximum is $1.63 per week. Employers should periodically check with the Department of Financial Services to confirm the PFL maximum dollar amount per week. If the employee gets paid weekly, you enter 1.63 in the “Max Amount per Check” field. If the employee gets paid Monthly (12 pay periods), then you prorate (52 X 1.63 / 12 = 7.06) and so on.

e. Select by whom the tax is paid. If you are not sure if PFL is paid by the employee or if the tax is paid by the employer, you can verify this with the Department of Financial Services.

f. Enter the W-2 Options if applicable.

g. Click OK to save the tax category and add it to the list of taxes available in the company.

5-Click on Employees in the bottom left of your Payroll Mate software.

6-Select an employee from the list of employee’s names.

7-Click Edit from the toolbar above the employees’ names.

8-The Modify Employee Wizard will appear on the screen.

9-Click Next through the wizard until you get to the Taxes screen.

10-Select NY Paid Family Leave from the list of taxes.

11-Click Next until you finish the wizard.

12-Make sure to press Finish . Note: Your information will not be saved if you do not click Finish .


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