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Does this software support direct deposit?

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One of my friends recommended your payroll software to me. I was able to download the trial and play around with the system. I would like to know if this software supports direct deposit.
asked in Payroll Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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We appreciate your interest in Payroll Mate.

The direct deposit option we offer is $95 and our customers have two options for processing their direct deposit:

1.Payroll Mate will generate the direct deposit file. You can upload this file directly to your bank and the bank will process the direct deposit file. Keep in mind you will need to first check with your bank to make sure they will accept and process a NACHA file which is the direct deposit file that Payroll Mate generates.

2.You can also choose to process the direct deposit through a third party service that will process an ACH file. One example of this type of service would be NatPay. There will be an initial sign-up fee directly through NatPay and also a per check processing fee. For more information on these fees you will need to contact the third party service directly.


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