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Can we buy multiple licenses of this 1099 Software?

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I have reviewed your site and have a few questions about your form 1099 software.
Can we buy multiple licenses that all access the same database?

This database would be stored locale within our firewall, inaccessible to you?

Do we file directly to IRS and required states, not sending any data to you? And we handle all mailing?
asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Yes you can buy the W2 Mate 10-user networking option and share the data between multiple users.

All data is stored locally on your computers. We do not save your data nor do we have access to it. You will be responsible for making a backup from within the program and saving it to an external drive.

We do not charge per e-file create. You would be responsible for uploading your electronic files to the IRS FIRE System. Employee and recipient copies can be printed on plain paper.

You can learn more about our 1099 software by going to the link below:


You can download free demo here:




answered by RealBusiness