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Does this software work with NetSuite for 1099-MISC / 1096 processing?

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We are evaluating choices for 1099-MISC/1096 processing. We use NetSuite and this year they have discontinued their 1099 formatting feature. They suggested Yearli. I'm tasked with shopping. I have also been checking out the trial version of W2 Mate.

Can we import data from NetSuite?

Do you guys print and mail if we don't have vendor email?

I've never e-filed before. How does that work?

Can we also have PDFs as backup for vendors who ask for a copy later?

Do you know, is there a rule/regulation about getting approval from vendors to send electronically?
asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you for your question.

We have been contacted recently by numerous NetSuite users wanting to utilize W2 Mate to process 1099 forms.

With NetSuite you can export your 1099 data to CSV or Excel then import inside W2 Mate. If you do not see the report to export your data you can go to “Customization > SuiteBundler > Search & Install Bundle”. In the Keywords field, enter “1099 Vendor Payment Report” and follow the instructions.

We do not print and mail on your behalf, you use our software to print unlimited vendor (recipient) 1099 copies on regular white paper and then you can mail. If you want to go digital you can use the PDF feature to create ready-to-email PDF 1099s and then send to your recipients.

E-Filing is very simple. You register with the IRS, use our software to create a specially formatted file and then you upload to the IRS FIRE system (the system the federal government uses to accept 1099s electronically from filers).

You can create one PDF file per contractor or create one big PDF file with all the 1099s for backup / archiving / re-printing purposes.

Yes, you will need to get the consent of the recipients to receive the files in PDF format. You basically include a request for consent in the email when you send out the 1099s.  

To learn more about our 1099 software, please visit the page below:



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