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How can I produce 1098s for borrowers that did multiple loans?

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Working with the trial edition of W2 Mate to produce 1098s. I have borrowers that did multiple loans, and when I try to map my 1098 import file it is indicating that I can't import duplicate social security numbers. What do I need to do?
asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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To protect the user, W2 Mate automatically detects duplicated tax IDs (social security numbers and employer identification numbers). If you have the same borrower with multiple loans, then you can use the “Allow Duplicate Recipient IDs” feature which gives you the ability to import two or more borrowers with the same SSN / EIN.

Please also remember that W2 Mate has the ability to add 1098 forms manually (you do not have to import). This is also useful If you find out that you need to do a correction / addition after you complete the import process.
answered by anonymous