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We have multiple 1099 questions, can you help?

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1) Can you confirm that we can edit a 1099 after it has been e-filed? It is common for adjustments to be required after the fact (such as mismatched name/tax id number, etc...) and so we would like to confirm we can do this.

2) Is there a good way to check the success of the electronic filing? We would like to test before the due date if possible to ensure that things are transmitted correctly.  We can see there is a track transmittal window as well, where I'm assuming this information is located?

3) Is there a limit on the number of imports we do? Are we correct that it will just add to the existing list of 1099's for the particular company?

4) Want to be sure - there is not a limit on how many companies we are filing 1099's for, correct? meaning that the client has multiple entities, and so we will be generating 1099's out of each of them.

5) Is the 1096 filling (and W-3) included?

6) We want to confirm how the licensing works.  We will only need one user to do the importing and e-filing, but is the licensing based on number of installations or is it user based?

7) Lastly, do we have the ability to purchase/add additional features after the original purchase? The reason we ask is just in case we forgot something that we end up needing. We want to make sure that we don't lose any prior work/etc.

Thank you very much.

asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you for your questions.
1) Yes can file 1099 corrections on paper or e-File (after you file).
2) You can upload the 1099 e-File as a test and see if it succeeded or not.  Also after you do the actual submission,  you log into the IRS FIRE System in 24 hours and you see the status.
3) There is no limit on the number of imports.
4) There is no limit on the number of forms or companies.
5) When you e-File, the 1096 (W3 in case of W-2s) is included as part of the submission.
6) You are licensed to install on one computer. Otherwise you need to buy the network option.
7) You can buy / add options any time you want. You do not have to buy upfront.

If you want to test the 1099 software before you buy, please download a free demo from:


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