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QuickBooks 1099 Wizard and Tax1099.Com, Can you help?

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QuickBooks no longer supports the 1099 Wizard. Instead, we are directed to the website Tax1099.com, but their import plugin does not work. We found W2 Mate while searching for an alternative.

Our objectives are as follows.

1. Need to file 1099-MISC forms for approximately 230 contactors (line 7 non-employee compensation).

2. Would like to explore both paper and e-Filing alternatives (we prefer to avoid filing the 1096 summary form by e-filing our 1099-MISC forms).

3. Would like to print 1099-MISC forms on plain paper from our computer and then mail to our vendors via the post office.

4. We are running Windows 10 on the computer where we have the printer hooked up.

5. We use 2014 QuickBooks Premier Contractor Edition Desktop.

Will W2 Mate accomplish these objectives? Pricing?
asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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Thank you for your question.

Yes W2 Mate should work for you, allow you to import your data from QuickBooks and paper file or e-file with the IRS FIRE system.

Please download free demo of the software to see how it works:


Paper filing 1099-MISC Forms 

You need 1099 Kit (30 Copy-A Laser 1099 Misc forms + 5 Laser 1096 summary forms + W2 Mate Software) for $44 Plus 1099 MISC COPY A [2-UP] count of 200

If you want to import the data from QuickBooks you also need W2 Mate Option #3 (Import).

E-filing 1099-MISC Forms

W2 Mate Software Plus

W2 Mate Option #4 (Electronic Filing) 

If you want to import the data you need  W2 Mate Option #3 (Import).

Note: In order to e-File 1099s you will need a TCC code, which is like a password to e-File with IRS. Please see this answer on how to obtain a TCC.


Real Business Solutions Support Team, Makers of W2 Mate and Payroll Mate
answered by RealBusiness