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How can I email 1099 forms from Dynamics GP?

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I purchased W2 mate for 1099 and I will be emailing 1099s to recipients. How to get the email addresses for the email functionality. PS I am pulling from Dynamics GP.
asked in 1099 Software by anonymous

1 Answer

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This is a two-step process.

First you need to use the Dynamics GP import wizard inside W2 Mate to get the 1099 data. From the top menu select “Import Data > From Microsoft Dynamics GP (1099 Data)” and follow instructions as W2 Mate guides you through the process. Once you have the data imported, please use the quality control reports to compare totals inside W2 Mate with the totals you have inside GP. This way you know all the data came over.

Now to get the email addresses select Click “Import Data >  Email Addresses > 1099/1098 Recipients Email Addresses”.  W2 Mate expects at least 2 columns in the input file, one column for the email address and one column for the 1099 Recipient Tax Identification Number . W2 Mate will auto detect these columns. Email address is assumed to be in the format aaa@bbb.com and the Tax Identification Number in the format xxx-xx-xxxx.

Once you have the emails inside W2 Mate, go ahead and create the PDF 1099s and launch the 1099 Emailer to batch send the forms to recipients.

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